We mourn for the dead today, go to sleep and wake up unbothered. I pray you choose a different path. Choose to remember. Choose to live and not to survive because after you’re gone, after we throw the last soil onto your grave, will you live forever in our hearts and minds or return to dust and are gone forever? Forgotten?

When tables overturn

You take things for granted, consciously or subconsciously, till we cannot anymore because our mind cannot let us. Our mind cannot send signals to help interpret ubiquitous stimuli. At this point, you cannot take anything for granted because YOU JUST cannot. Your mind does not fathom how to. During my psychiatry rotation in my fourth… Continue reading When tables overturn

Book Review 003: The Man Eating Lions of Tsavo

You want to meet John Henry Patterson and pick his brain and talk about how the lion brushed his face with his paw and of his foolhardy plans that he never seemed to take note of until the man eating lion was taunting him in the dark on the seat in the tree you see above the moment to read the last word in this beautifully written book.